• Выставка и пробег ретро-автомобилей в г. Люботине (5 сентября)



  • Aviation day and Motorist day

    Aviation day (Kommunar, 27-28 August 2019)


    Motorist Day (27 October 2019)

    den_avtomobolista_2 den_avtomobolista_1

  • День города в Лозовой

    Our museum was present at Town Day celebration in Lozova town (Kharkiv region):





  • Museum Day exhibition, 26 of May

    We were present at retro-car exhibition at Freedom square, Kharkiv, on 26 of May.


    Also we organized kids’ cars competion:

    26_may_2019_01 26_may_2019_02

    We were present at Koneva memorial on 9 of May, too:


  • Motorist Day 2018

    We showed our new car GAZ-24 Taxi on 28 of October at Motorist Day at Kharkiv, as well as we were specially recognized by “Samohod” retro-car club at that day.

    auto_3 auto_2 auto_1

  • Our small collection of cars for kids

    Our small collection of cars for kids was present at Town Day of Lubotin on 1 of September 2018


  • Korotych airshow and exhibition in Lubotin

    “Samohod” club and our museum were present at Korotych airshow on 2-3 of September 2017:

    korotych_02_09_17_2 korotych_02_09_17_1

    Also we organized a meeting of retro-cars enthusiasts at Lubotin on 9 of September 2017:

    lubotin_09_09_17 lubotin_09_09_17_03 lubotin_09_09_17_02 lubotin_09_09_17_04

    We also created Facebook page, you can subscribe and get more news there, too: https://www.facebook.com/lyubotinretroavto

  • Retro-car exhibition in Marshal Konev Height memorial

    Our museum was present at retro-car exhibition in Marshal Konev Height memorial at Solonitsevka village (Kharkiv region) on 9 of May, 2017.


  • New exhibit

    Being retro-car restorer isn’t easy task, you have to travel a lot for that sometimes:) Our museum acquired new interesting exhibit on 2 of May: Moskvich-410N, its restoration is in progress right now.


    Our way wasn’t easy, but impossible is possible, as you probably know…


  • 2017 Retro-season opening

    Retro-meeting on 15 of April, 2017: