• Aviation day and Motorist day

    Aviation day (Kommunar, 27-28 August 2019)


    Motorist Day (27 October 2019)

    den_avtomobolista_2 den_avtomobolista_1

  • День города в Лозовой

    Our museum was present at Town Day celebration in Lozova town (Kharkiv region):





  • Museum Day exhibition, 26 of May

    We were present at retro-car exhibition at Freedom square, Kharkiv, on 26 of May.


    Also we organized kids’ cars competion:

    26_may_2019_01 26_may_2019_02

    We were present at Koneva memorial on 9 of May, too:


  • Motorist Day 2018

    We showed our new car GAZ-24 Taxi on 28 of October at Motorist Day at Kharkiv, as well as we were specially recognized by “Samohod” retro-car club at that day.

    auto_3 auto_2 auto_1

  • Our small collection of cars for kids

    Our small collection of cars for kids was present at Town Day of Lubotin on 1 of September 2018


  • Korotych airshow and exhibition in Lubotin

    “Samohod” club and our museum were present at Korotych airshow on 2-3 of September 2017:

    korotych_02_09_17_2 korotych_02_09_17_1

    Also we organized a meeting of retro-cars enthusiasts at Lubotin on 9 of September 2017:

    lubotin_09_09_17 lubotin_09_09_17_03 lubotin_09_09_17_02 lubotin_09_09_17_04

    We also created Facebook page, you can subscribe and get more news there, too: https://www.facebook.com/lyubotinretroavto

  • Retro-car exhibition in Marshal Konev Height memorial

    Our museum was present at retro-car exhibition in Marshal Konev Height memorial at Solonitsevka village (Kharkiv region) on 9 of May, 2017.


  • New exhibit

    Being retro-car restorer isn’t easy task, you have to travel a lot for that sometimes:) Our museum acquired new interesting exhibit on 2 of May: Moskvich-410N, its restoration is in progress right now.


    Our way wasn’t easy, but impossible is possible, as you probably know…


  • 2017 Retro-season opening

    Retro-meeting on 15 of April, 2017:

  • Motorist Day on 30 October, 2016

    We showed some of our exhibits on Motorist Day convention at Freedom square in Kharkiv on 30 October 2016 together with “Samohod” club.

    The weather wasn’t really nice at the start of the exhibition, but it didn’t interrupt the exhibition and we showed our progress of restoration of Moskvich 400-420A and our new second “Lvovyanka” pedal car:

    ( our Moskvich proceeded to restoration process 🙂 )