The history of our museum

The history of founding Lubotin Retro-car Museum

        When future founder of this museum got his driving license, he spent lots of time looking for the first proper car to buy, but didn’t find anything that was fitting for him.  Once upon a time, some magazine called “USSR Auto-legends”  happened to be seen by this founder, so after reading it the desire to buy something of Soviet-made retro-cars appeared. The second issue of this magazine contained the photos of GAZ M-20 “Pobeda”, the founder was looking for that car for a long time and he didn’t find anything good. It was a big surprise to discover that there was such car available for sale at the next street to founder’s house. The seller told that he moves that car to another garage, so it was even bigger surprise to discover that the car had at least 80% of original parts when it was watched in November with -12 C temperature inside that garage. Despite such conditions its engine was turned on easily and the car was moved into its new home, where it was packed and stored after several trial circles till the spring. The winter of 2011-2012 was used for the research of internal mechanisms and a manual for this 60 years old car. GAZ-M20 “Pobeda”  restoration process was started in the spring of 2012. There were different problems, but all of them were solved. This car was shown on 9th of May in Lubotin town park, where the founder meet the second future founder of this museum, who brought his own GAZ-69A for the show:


We decided to create retro-car museum with him and restore more old machinery. Year 2012 passed very quickly because we had a lot of job to do:

pobeda_1 gaz_69_1 gaz_69_2

Moskvich 401 was purchased in 2013:


We discovered that it was 400-420A model, which is still under repair and restoration process. There was an exhibition of retro-cars in Kharkiv on October 2013, where “Pobeda” (converted to police version) car was so interesting for journalists that they took a photo and placed it into local newspaper:


We purchased motorbike “Riga-13” in 2014, but that year wasn’t really successful. My friend Dmitry P. presented me a kids’ pedal car “Lvovyanka”, which was in horrible condition, but it’d been restored. You can see this car here, at the exhibition photo from 2015:


Our exhibition was present at memorial event of WWII victims in Marshal Konev Height memorial 2016 at Solonitsevka village (Kharkiv region, Ukraine).

gaz_69a_web gaz_m20_pobeda

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